Halloween Quiz Night

Yes it is about that time again when we host our ever popular quiz night! Only this time around we are having a themed halloween evening!

Groups of 6-8 per table at £10 per head. Fancy dress is encouraged as there will be a prize for best costume and certainly all the staff will be dressed up!


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Kellogg came to us as a stray from Singleton, Ashford. He was being fed on Kellogg’s cornflakes and chocolates, hence his name. He was a bit rough around the edges and unfortunately has tested positive for Feline Aids (FIV).


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We are pleased to announce we will be holding another walk with Frandham Rescue Kennels as our last one was such a success.

This time round, we are going to have a scrumptious BBQ and two walks will be available. One will be longer for those more experienced walkers, and another shorter route for those wishing to take their time and with their companions, (although you can bring your dogs on either walk).

For further details please click here

Mother nature was unfortunately not on our side this year and with a tropical down pour half way through the day, our numbers did dwindle a bit. However, this did not detract from the fact it was a superb day for all involved. While we did not beat last year’s earnings, we managed to raise around £4300! This is a fantastic result given the weather and we would like to say a big thank you to all our helpers, supporters and volunteers who made it such a special event!


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Support Adoption For Pets is giving away 10 prizes of up to £50,000 to rescue charities across the UK.  The competition is to make a short video about the rescue, what we do and what we would use the money for.

Of course Rhodes Minnis has entered, but we need all the support we can get! This is where you come in…

Please go to our Facebook page and follow the instructions! You can also be directed there via this link https://www.facebook.com/rhodesminniscats

We need as many votes as possible to be within a chance of winning such an amazing prize. Spread the word, get all your friends and family to visit our Facebook page and vote! And then get all their friends and family to do the same!

200 amazing kitties would very much appreciate it, Becky certainly agrees!




Having been short staffed and handed this year with a brand new team working together for the first time, the day was a remarkable success!  Everyone banded together to make the day such a triumph and we couldn’t have done it without our willing helpers.


WE URGENTLY REQUIRE GOOD QUALITY BRIC A BRAC FOR OUR SHOP & EVENTS. Please have a spring ‘turn out’ for us and bring your unwanted items to the Sanctuary or shop – we and the cats would be very grateful. Unfortunately, we are unable to process anything very big such as furniture.

Waiting List

Over the past year or two, we have seen a marked increase in the number of people needing to re-home their cats because they are moving into rented accommodation where pets are not allowed.

This “no pet” rule has a massive impact on rescue centres like ourselves and its a real shame that people have to make this choice and part with a much loved pet.

Generally cats are very clean and non-destructive, so is there really a need for landlords to be so strict?

If you find yourself in this position and need to re-home your cat, please do not leave it to the last minute to re-home your pet as most rescue centres have a long waiting list so the sooner you add yourself to the waiting list the better.

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