Amazon Wish List Thank You’s

We put our Amazon Wish list online on the 16th Dec and less than 24 hours later we received the first of many parcels. We are all overwhelmed by your generosity and the cats will love their new toys and fun things. Thank you so very much.
So far we have received:-
* Nobby Plush Chickens with catnip from Annie and Mark Harris who have re-homed three of cats.
* SnuggleSafe Microwave Heatpad with fleece cover from Big Billy and humans Darren and Steph Glanville and the tortoises.                                       *SnuggleSafe Microwave heatpad with fleece cover and a play tunnel from Heloise Karpetas , Ratty and Boogenhagen.
* LED projecter chasing toys x3 from Mrs Julie Taylor and her cats Coco and Pops adopted in 2015
* Smart Cat Peek a Prize Toy Box from the Forbes family.
* Yeowww Lady Bug Organic catnip toy from Debbie Lusard
* Catit Senses Digger
* Kong Wubba Mouse cat toys

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