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We have a building that we call the Kittery and we are in desperate need of some new beds. The ones we have are very old so we need to replace them.
The ones we have chosen are much better quality and hopefully the mums to be and mums with kittens will be much happier in them.
These beds are costly at £198 each because they are heated and we need six of them.
If anybody can help, we would very much appreciate any donations towards them.
Please visit our PayPal or visit us at the sanctuary.

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vote for our video now

Support Adoption For Pets is giving away 10 prizes of up to £50,000 to rescue charities across the UK.  The competition is to make a short video about the rescue, what we do and what we would use the money for.

Of course Rhodes Minnis has entered, but we need all the support we can get! This is where you come in…

Please go to our Facebook page and follow the instructions! You can also be directed there via this link

We need as many votes as possible to be within a chance of winning such an amazing prize. Spread the word, get all your friends and family to visit our Facebook page and vote! And then get all their friends and family to do the same!

200 amazing kitties would very much appreciate it, Becky certainly agrees!