Our homing procedures are very simple. We don’t want to keep cats any longer than we have to and the best place for any cat is in some-body’s warm welcoming home. Visitors are welcome in our visiting hours (no appointment needed!) and are invited to look around the Sanctuary, talk to and make friends with as many cats as they wish and decide which would suit them best.

We know enough about each cat to say whether he or she would be suitable to live with children, dogs, or other cats. We do our best to match the right people to the right cats, and we need to be sure the home being offered is suitable for the cat in question. If a homing does not work out, whatever the reason, we will always take the cat back. We find homes for the younger more attractive cats very quickly, and we persevere with the old ones and those with more difficult temperaments!

Listed below are just some of the sanctuary cats available now for re-homing. All are neutered/spayed and have been tested and found negative for feline aids and leukaemia. This is just a selection of cats that are ready for re-homing, if you don’t see any that you like or any that you feel would fit into your home please come along and see us because we have many more cats at the Sanctuary and our cats come and go quite quickly.

To all customers wishing to rehome a cat, please note that ALL our cats have had veterinary check-ups. This includes testing for viruses, worming and flea treatments, neutering/spaying and vaccinations. For this reason we have to ask a minimum donation of £50 to help pay our costs. Payment by Cash or Cheque only. We do not do home checks.

Thank you for understanding.


  •  Male
  •   Domestic
  • 6 years old
  •   From Ashford
  •  Toby was handed over to us in March 2020 because his owner passed away. From what we have learnt about him, he was a shy boy who was not too keen on us fussing him and hissed at us but now we have neutered him he has become more friendly and tolerates attention. He soon lets you know when he has had enough. He likes to explore the sanctuary but he does pick fights with some of the other cats. Maybe somewhere rural would suit him best. We advise a home with no children or other pets. We have micro chipped him.

Chloe ************REHOMED********************

  •   Female
  •   Domestic
  •  13 years old
  •   From Rainham
  •   Chloe was handed over to us in November 2019 because no pets were allowed in the new property. She is said to be her own cat, independent and likes cuddles on her terms. She likes to go outdoors and she is micro chipped.

Cutie and Smudge ************REHOMED**********

  •   Females
  •   Domestic
  •   13 years old
  •   From Herne Bay
  •  Cutie (dark torti) and Smudge (white patches) were handed over to us May 2019 because somebody was allergic to them. They are very loving, friendly, affectionate girls who love attention and they pull you in to lick you. They like to be around people and they would make a great addition to a home to somebody who can give them all the love they deserve. Cutie is getting a little grumpy in her old age, maybe because she is missing being in a home. They are both on once daily medication for their thyroids. We have micro chipped them. They do not seem to mind the other cats and we do not know how they are with children or dogs. They are close and must be homed together.

So, if you can give any of these lovely cats a home please feel free to contact us and remember – these are just a few of the lovely cats we have at our Cat Sanctuary. Please come and see us if you don’t find what you are looking for on the website.

 Look forward to seeing you all soon

 Note – We are slowly trying to show as many cats on the website as we can, in order to avoid this list getting too long we have started a second page, please look for the tab named “More cats for Re-homing” on the left-hand side.