**While we do our best to take in cats for re-homing, we only have a limited amount of space available. Therefore, we have a waiting list in place and anyone wishing to give up their cat/cats to us, must first go on this list and will be prioritised by date of entry in fairness to all our customers.**

To all customers wishing to re-home a cat, please note that ALL of our cats have had veterinary check-ups. This includes testing for viruses, worming and flea treatments, neutering/spaying and vaccinations. If you decide you would like to take on a homeless cat, please note we do not do home checks on you – we believe that anyone kind enough to want to shelter a homeless animal should be trusted to care for that animal properly. We will try to match your circumstances and needs to those of the cats we show you. However, we do have to ask a minimum donation of £50 to help pay our costs. Even this amount will not cover the amount we have spent. We now accept payment by card.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please Note – The cats featured on this page are just a small selection of what we have available


Zeus and Polly

  •  Male/Female
  •   Domestic
  •  11 years old/11 years old
  •   From Folkestone
  •  Zeus (forefront of picture) and his sister Polly were displaced in a move. Zeus is very affectionate, he loves laps, being stroked and he can even high five! Polly is friendly but doesn’t like being picked up . They have never been with dogs but are said to be fine with children. They are close and must be kept together.


  •   Female
  •   Domestic
  •   3-4 Years old
  •   From St Margarets Bay
  •   Smokey first came into the sanctuary with another cat and they got a new home together. Unfortunately their owner became unwell so they came back to us in Sept 2016. The other cat was re homed but Smokey was left behind. She is timid and will hiss when she is frightened. In the sanctuary she had been keeping herself to herself until this last few months she has really come out of her shell and calmed down. She is approachable and a very sweet lovely cat but only once she has gained your trust.
    Would you like to give her a chance?

Rocky and Scooby

  •   Males
  •   Domestic
  •   9 years old
  •   From Ashford
  •  Brothers Rocky (black/white) and Scooby had to be given up because a child was allergic to them. They are shy at first but very friendly once they have got to know you. They have been used to other cats and children. They have been micro chipped.

Fudge and Tabitha

  •   Females
  •   Domestic
  •   12 years old
  •   From Herne Bay
  •  Sisters Fudge (white/tabby) and Tabitha were handed over to us as their owner became unwell. They are a little bit shy but calm girls who are very sweet and friendly. They are said to be homely cats who like to go outside but do not go too far, are good with children but are not too keen on other animals. They are micro chipped.

Socks & Tipple

  •   Female/Male
  •   Domestic
  •  10 years old/7 years old
  •   From London
  •  Mother and son Socks and Tipple were displaced in a move. They have lived as indoor cats so are finding life in the sanctuary a bit scary and not venturing out of their pen. Socks is the female and she used to a stray cat. She is said to be an independent girl who likes to be near you but is not a lap cat or wants to be picked up. Tipple the male has never been outside and he too is independent and not keen on being picked up. He has a Grade 4 heart murmur. We advise a home where they have to stay indoors, without other pets or children. They will take a time to trust you but a loving home is all they need where they can be with somebody who does not mind that they are not affectionate and has the patience to maybe win them round.


  •   Female
  •   Domestic
  •   9 years old
  •   From London
  •  Lola was bought into the sanctuary because her owner became unwell. She is a little timid at first and takes a while to get used to you. She is affectionate only on her terms. She is not used to being handled, other animals or children but a nice quiet home would suit her where she can do her own thing. She has a micro chip.

Jeanie and Tweakle

  • Females
  •   Domestic
  •  8+ Years old/11+ years old
  •  From Ashford
  •   Jeanie (tabby) and Tweakle (white/tabby) came into the sanctuary after their owner became unwell and could not look after them anymore. Jeanie is a little sweety and likes a fuss. She loves everybody who visits the sanctuary and is one of the first to run over to say hello. She has a Grade 4 heart murmur and has once daily medication for her kidneys plus a renal diet. Tweakle is a lovely friendly girl who laps up all the attention. She has an unusual curly tail too! They are close so must be kept together in a home preferably without children or any other pets as they have not lived with them before. They are both micro chipped.