**While we do our best to take in cats for re-homing, we only have a limited amount of space available. Therefore, we have a waiting list in place and anyone wishing to give up their cat/cats to us, must first go on this list and will be prioritised by date of entry in fairness to all our customers.**

To all customers wishing to re-home a cat, please note that ALL of our cats have had veterinary check-ups. This includes testing for viruses, worming and flea treatments, neutering/spaying and vaccinations, we also now microchip all our cats before they leave the Sanctuary. If you decide you would like to take on a homeless cat, please note we do not do home checks on you – we believe that anyone kind enough to want to shelter a homeless animal should be trusted to care for that animal properly. We will try to match your circumstances and needs to those of the cats we show you. However, we do have to ask a minimum donation of £60 to help pay our costs. Even this amount will not cover the amount we have spent. We now accept payment by card.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please Note – The cats featured on this page are just a small selection of what we have available


Bluey and Lady

  •  Females
  •   Domestic
  • 17 years old/15 years old
  •   From Ashford
  •  Bluey and her daughter Lady (white on top lip) were handed over to us in March 2019 after their owner passed away. If it is an older pair of cats you are looking for, then look no further than these two beauties. Bluey loves everybody and everything and she likes exploring the sanctuary and meeting people. Lady prefers to stay in bed and she is a little nervous at first but soon comes round once she knows you. They have good appetites, would prefer a quiet house and must be homed together. They both have Grade 3 heart murmurs.


  •   Female
  •   Domestic
  • 2 years old
  •  From Folkestone
  •  Narlah was handed over to us in May 2019 because a child was allergic to her. She is said to be timid and very vocal. We have not been able to win her round just yet as she is so scared and hides. We are hopeful that being so young, she could become a nice girl, with lots of time and patience. We do not advise a home with children or other pets. She is micro chipped.


  • Male
  •   Domestic
  •  10 years old
  •   From Pluckley
  •  Simba was handed over to us in April 2019 because of a change of circumstances. Unfortunately we have not been able to win him round just yet. He is unpredictable and does lash out. He was friendly with his previous owners so we hope that in a new home where he feels safe, with lots of time and patience for him to trust you, he should become friendlier. Or he may just want to be left to do his own thing. He is said to prefer to stay indoors and he does not like other cats, dogs or children.


  • Male
  •   Domestic
  •  4-5 years old
  •  From Sandgate
  •  Banksy was handed over to us in April 2019 because he had been living as a stray. We do not have any history on him but the short time we have known him, we can tell that will be a lovely companion for somebody. He certainly looks like he’s been in the wars so he deserves a nice home. He has such a big character and he loves lots of attention and he follows us around everywhere. He is very playful and loves chasing after balls. He has a Grade 4 heart murmur and arthritis in his back legs which requires long term medication. He would probably be best suited as an only cat. We have neutered and micro chipped him.

Pippa (to be homed with Titch)

  • Female
  •   Domestic
  • 12 years old
  •   From Hawkinge
  •  Pippa and her friend Titch were handed over to us in April 2018 because their owners moved abroad. She is a sweet, big fluffy girl who is a little shy at first but she enjoys a fuss. She is not as outgoing as Titch but she does venture out of her pen occasionally. We suggest to have separate litter trays for the time they are advised to be kept indoors as Pippa does tend to poo on the floor but hopefully once she is allowed to go outside she will do it there. Pippa is close to Titch and they must be homed together. They are said to be fine with older children and they have lived with a dog. Pippa has a micro chip.

Titch (to be homed with Pippa)

  •   Male
  •   Domestic
  •  16 years old
  •   From Hawkinge
  •  Titch and his friend Pippa were handed over to us in April 2018 because their owners moved abroad. He is a lovely, friendly old boy who loves to head rub with you. He likes to wander around the sanctuary and is often seen getting a fuss from visitors. Titch has a Grade 3 heart murmur and he is on medication twice daily for a thyroid condition. He is a good boy to medicate. Titch and Pippa are close and must be homed together. They are said to be fine with older children and they have lived with a dog.


  •   Female
  •  Domestic
  •  6 years old
  •   From Walmer
  •   Peanut was handed over to us in August 2018 because she is very unpredictable and her behaviour towards the children worsened. Now she is settled with us in the sanctuary, she is happier out of her pen and will let us fuss her but only on her terms. She loves treats. She does not like loud noises and is nervous so a nice quiet home would suit her with no children. She has a micro chip.
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