Kittens as Christmas Presents

We have been getting quite a few phone calls asking if we have any kittens because people want to give them as a Christmas present.
We do not have any kittens. We do however have lots of other cats of all different ages.
Although initially it might seem like a very sweet, good idea, you really need to think about it’s future. Ask yourself if that person actually has the time and money to spend with a kitten. They really are not just for Christmas….they are for life….the same with any animal at any age.
We do not have any kittens at this time of year. Generally cats come into season in Spring and kittens are mostly born in the warmer months.
If they are genuinely after a pet kitten, then why not get them a little present for their future pet and let that be a hint as to what you will get them when kittens are available.
Please note, we do not advertise our kittens and we DO NOT keep a list of people wanting them.

Photo taken from the internet, we did not put little Santa hats on these kittens as they are not ours!

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