Oscar needs a new home*********REHOMED********

We need to find Oscar a new home as soon as possible as he is upsetting his housemates!
Originally from Dover, seven year old Oscar came into the sanctuary with four other cats after their owner became unwell. He suffers from asthma which is controlled with a steroid injection every 4-6 weeks.
We fell in love with his cheeky, loving character and decided to keep him as a ‘house’ cat here in the Seathwaite Bungalow. He has lived alongside the four other house cats who we thought he would get along with but sadly this has not been the case. He has become a bit too cocky and beating up the other house cats, to the extent where they are all too scared to come into their own house!
We are very sad that it has turned out this way and we will miss him greatly but we feel he would best suit a home on his own with no other cats. He enjoys going out and is a very friendly boy who will be a great pet for somebody who understands his needs.

*************UPDATE 13/12/16*******************

We are happy to say that we found Oscar a new home. We wish him all the best and we are sure that he will be happier away from his former housemates who he sadly did not get on with. We will miss him as he is such a character but it was for the best. The other housecats seem happier too!

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