FIV Positive Cats

We are very pleased to be able to tell you that we do not euthanase cats which test positive for the FIV virus, otherwise known as feline immunodeficiency virus.

Recent research from Glasgow University shows that the virus can only be spread through blood, i.e. biting or scratching, and that with a little extra care, FIV positive cats can live as long as those which are not affected.

The FIV virus is a cat-specific disease which means that people and other animals cannot become infected with or catch this virus.

We have a 400 m2 enclosure for FIV positive cats on part of a field we have purchased near to the Sanctuary. This enables us to keep these cats with a prospect of re homing them. If they are not re homed then they will live their lives as a group with us, similar to those in the feral sanctuary but not having any contact with any of the other cats. We aim to build up the colony gradually relying for the intake on the cats which we take in and which prove to be positive, both from the initial test and the subsequent laboratory test.

These cats can only live as indoor only cats.

If you would like to give a home to one of these cats please get in touch.



  •   Male
  •   Indoor only
  •  13 years old
  •  From Ashford
  •   Smudge was handed over to us in May 2019 because his owner had passed away. The relative who handed him over said that he is friendly on his terms and is good with children. He is very vocal (especially at meal times!), likes attention and company. He’s had lots of medical attention and now he’s looking very cute and feeling better so he’s ready for a nice new home. We tested his blood when he came in to us and he is FIV positive.

Simba FIV+

  •   Male
  •   Indoor only
  • 10-11 years old
  •   From Whitstable
  • Simba was handed over to us in May 2019 because he was a stray for a few weeks. We test all of our cats for FIV and Simba is positive so he will need to live as an indoor cat only for the rest of his life. He is said to be unpredictable sometimes but he is friendly and he loves a fuss. He is chatty and likes head rubs and loves his food and lounging in his bed. He has a Grade 4 heart murmur. We do not know how he is with children or other animals.


  •   Male
  •   Domestic indoor only
  •  6 years old
  •   From Lydd
  • Scatty Cat (Skatz) was bought in to us in April 2016 after being displaced in a move. He was tested when he came in and we found him to be FIV positive. He is not liking the other cats he lives with in the FIV colony and is often picked on. He is a friendly, very playful boy who always rushes over to us and loves to rub around our legs. He certainly is a character and he likes a fuss but he soon lets you know when he has had enough and can bite. We advise a home without children.