Face masks must be worn in our reception.
Due to higher demand than usual, the nice, friendly homeable cats that are handed over to us are being booked then rehomed very quickly by people coming up to visit us.
The number of cats being handed over to us has decreased.
We are not even getting the chance to post them on this page or Facebook.
We advise that you come and visit us to see who we have available but we cannot guarantee that we can help you straight away. We do not know
Please call us or email us on rminniscats@gmail.com before you plan to visit if there is a specific cat you have in mind and we can have a chat with you about the cats we have available.
Thank you for your understanding during these worrying times.

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We had these lovely little hessian gift bags made especially to celebrate our 50th birthday next month.
We had hoped to sell them on our Open day but unfortunately that’s cancelled.
They are 12″ x 12″.
They cost £8.50 each inc p&p
So if you wish to purchase one, beautifully modelled here by Vinnie 😻(who has since been rehomed) please see the PayPal link or email rminniscats@gmail.com.

You can also send a cheque made payable to Rhodes Minnis Cat Sanctuary and leave a note stating it is for the bag with your name and address or call the sanctuary on 01303 862243 and pay over the phone.
They will also be available to buy from our shop The Cat Basket in Folkestone which reopens on Monday 15th (more details re the shop in due course).

All proceeds will go directly to the cats in our care.
Thank you

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🐾🐾Did you know? 🐾🐾
It was our 50th birthday next Sunday (19th July).
We are so sad that we cannot celebrate it with you all by having an open day.
To cheer us up, we would love you to share your memories and pictures with us.
You could also send us birthday messages, cards and donations.

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