**Special Appeal for Jupiter FIV+ Cat**HE HAS BEEN REHOMED

Jupiter is FIV positve which means he will have to live indoors only. He is nine years old and came from North London.
Jupiter’s previous owner saw our sanctuary online and loved the look of it so she handed him over to us in January 2018. He grew up in a colony of cats so he is not used to living in a house. She had visions of him being homed to a farm where he can live out his days happily catching rats and mice. Sadly, blood tests proved Jupiter to be FIV positive so he will have to live as an indoor cat. He has a lovely personality and is a friendly and confident boy. He needs time to gain your trust and loves affection and will head rub you to his hearts content. This last few weeks have been a struggle for Jupiter where he had an abscess on his tooth. After treatment and lots of rest and recuperation in the sick bay, he rejoined his FIV friends but he is not happy and getting bullied and stopped eating. He is back in the sick bay but he desperately needs a new home. It will take him a while to settle and he will be nervous, wary and will want to hide but we hope he will be a lovely pet. Do you have the time and patience for him? If you do, come up and meet him.

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