Sponsor Claire to do a Zip Wire


Claire raised £275 for braving the zip wire. Thank you to everybody who donated.

On Thurs 6th September, Co Manageress Claire is going to do a sponsored zip wire and Mega Drop to raise money for the cats here at Rhodes Minnis Cat Sanctuary.
She will whizz past the city’s world-famous skyline during an adrenaline-pumping zip line adventure. It is one of the world’s fastest urban zip wires with Zip Now London at Archbishop’s Park.
She will feel the wind in her hair while zooming past some of London’s top attractions, including The Shard, Big Ben and the Coca-Cola London Eye.
A true adrenaline seeker, Claire will climb to heights of 35m (115ft) above south London, before making an exhilarating 225m (738ft) descent. The zip line experience goes to speeds of up to 31mph (50km/h) and promises to give riders the ultimate thrill.
THE MEGA DROP is a freefall jump which is 15 meters high. It requires riders to take a step into the void, with a stomach-flipping freefall followed by a gradual slowing towards ground. It’s a bit like a bungee jump without the bounce.

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