Jeremy Stattersfield (principal of Burnham House Veterinary Practice, Dover, Folkestone, Whitfield and Walmer) – our vet and good friend of all animal welfare causes. He always attends our events, rain or shine, making time for us from his busy schedule.

Former Patron Liz Smith – one of Britain’s best known actresses, a devoted cat lover and friend of the Sanctuary since it began, and regular supporter of our events. She sadly passed away in December 2016.

Are you famous or do you know anybody who is that loves cats and would like to become a new Patron for the charity? Apply within.


The joint manageresses are Tracey Jell and Claire Jell who live in the Bungalow at Seathwaite. Claire is Tracey’s niece. Tracey has worked for the Sanctuary since 1990 and takes primary responsibility for the Boarding Cattery. Claire joined us in 1998 and takes the leading role in re-homing.

They share all the work necessary for the running of the Sanctuary and the care of the cats alongside Elise (Ellie) Twigge-Molecey, who joined us in 2004 and Adam Streater, who joined in 2007. Deborah Young joined the team in January 2015, she also maintains the Sanctuary website and Facebook page.


Christopher Russell (Chairman) – A retired solicitor who has worked for the Charity since 1970

Diana Taylor – Has been associated with the Sanctuary for the past 18 years.

Mike Whibley (Deputy Chair) – A dedicated and regular volunteer.

Deborah Colam (Treasurer) – Is Involved in a variety of charitable and voluntary work and runs her own business as a paper conservator and picture restorer.

Diane Thompson

Sponsorship Secretary Thelma Jinks (Former Trustee) – A regular volunteer from Sandgate. Thelma takes a special interest in the FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) cats.