Christmas Fair total amount raised

The Christmas Fair held at the Holy Trinity Church Hall on Saturday 21st November raised a fantastic total amount of £1,121. This money will go towards the care of the 200+ cats in the sanctuary over Christmas.
Given the rotten weather on the day, it was wonderful to see so many of our friends come and support the event and spend and donate so generously.
Almost everything sold at this event is made or given by our staff, trustees and supporters.
All of the cakes were homemade by co Manageresses Claire and Tracey with the help from a long time supporter Mary.
A big thank you to Diane Thompson, Ron Streater, Thelma Jinks and Ted Cooper for their contributions to the feast.
Also to Thelma and Colin Jinks, Ted and Gill Cooper and Peter Jell for helping Tracey, Claire and Mike Whibley set up the stalls the night before and then to put it all away afterwards.
The poor weather may have put people off which meant that it wasn’t our best result ever but still such an enjoyable and rewarding day.
A big thank you to everyone who visited but also to the stars of the event, the sanctuary cats Billy, Charlie and Evie and Harry who were all very well behaved. Big tabby Charlie even managed to get himself a new home. Also a couple who had attended the fair then came up to the sanctuary and took home Walter and Jesse so a brilliant result. Hopefully the others will find new homes very soon.

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