Christmas Turkey Fund

Every Christmas Day we have fresh roast turkey crowns which we have cooked and dish out to all of the cats in our care. They love it! We are asking you to donate to our turkey fund so we can buy as many turkeys as we can in the run up to Christmas. You can do this by stuffing our turkey on our counter in the reception with any loose change, by sending a cheque or via PayPal stating Cats Turkey Dinner. Your donation will be very gratefully received. Thank you.


THANK YOU so much to everyone who donated and to Mandy the Traditional Butchers in Hythe.

Our turkey fund was a huge success and we dished it out to every single cat in our care. We gave them their normal food with a nice big serving of turkey on the side and all of the plates were licked clean the next day. We even had enough turkey to give to them on Boxing Day too.


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