DSCF0243There is now an enormous compound in our field across the road from the main sanctuary buildings to care for cats that are not likely to be re-homed but which are all very special and will live out their lives here with us.

There is a very large shed which we have called Magpie House in memory of Joyce Mason of Magpie Thatch, Stourmouth, who left us the majority of the funding needed to build it, and there are trees, planters, shelters and play equipment. We don’t allow visitors inside, but you can watch the cats playing and sunning themselves on a fine day and all gather near the gate when the food trolley is on its way.

There is sometimes a chance that one or more of the cats (who are ususally just frightened by past experiences) might come round sufficiently to find a home on a farm or stables one day. We always welcome calls from people in rural settings who think they could offer one or more a home.DSCF0240


Many of our newest feral’s are looking for someone to sponsor them. If you are interested in sponsoring one of our cats then please contact our Sponsorship Secretary whose details are on our contact page.