Open Day 2019 Results

*******Our 48th Open Day raised an amazing £5,469*****
Plus we received so many donations of food which we cannot even begin to put a price on!!
We really are overwhelmed by how generous everybody has been this year and we cannot THANK YOU enough for you amazing support.

Here a few words from Chairman of the Trustees Christopher Russell:-
Perfect weather and it was a 15% rise in the net profit on the day, what could be better. So many thanks to all who made and gave, worked or spent to make our day so special. It was particularly rewarding to see so many new faces mingling with our loyal following and so many children taking so much interest in what we do. Special thanks to those heroes of the car park Colin Jinks, Colin Campbell, Alan Bray and Tom Potts, without whom there could have been chaos in our narrow lane. To Sylvia Ing, Rosemary Solomon and Tanya (Stem by Stem of Hythe) for gifts towards the plant stall, to Claire Jell, Mary Kavanagh, Di Thompson and Lesley Fingerhut for all the cakes. To Mandy Smith from The Traditional Butchers of Hythe for the superb barbeque meats. To Kirsty Streater, Mike Whibley, Peter and Di Taylor and Viv Jell for all their help and to the home team Claire, Tracey, Ellie, Adam and Debbie in setting it all up and putting it all away.
Thank you to anybody who we have left out. We hope you all had a great day.

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