Mother nature was unfortunately not on our side this year and with a tropical down pour half way through the day, our numbers did dwindle a bit. However, this did not detract from the fact it was a superb day for all involved. While we did not beat last year’s earnings, we managed to raise around £4300! This is a fantastic result given the weather and we would like to say a big thank you to all our helpers, supporters and volunteers who made it such a special event!

Special thanks to:-

  • Darren and Stephanie Granville (Tortoise Rescue), Owltitude, Rex Cat Rescue, Frandham Kennels and Stables, Burnham House Veterinary Surgery, Applause for Paws (Dog Agility) and Samantha / Juggleitall face painting and balloons, for providing these attractions.
  • Mike Whibley, Ted and Gill Cooper, Di Taylor, Peter Jell and Kirsty Evans for all the help in setting up and putting away
  • Peter and Kerry Peers, our next door neighbours, for helping to get the field ready.
  • To our songstress, Sophie Peers, for entertaining us with her lively voice in a performance of soulful and toe tapping numbers, delivered with such verve and confidence.
  • Ken Jones, Colin Campbell, Colin Jinks and Adam Streater for marshalling the traffic all day in very challenging conditions.
  • Ron and Tracey Streater, Evelyn Rossi and Diana Thompson for cakes and contributions to the stalls including Janet Jones’ amazing meringues.
  • Mandy Smith, traditional butcher of Hythe, for those delicious sausages and burgers.

Apologies if we have left anyone out but we were overwhelmed with the number of willing supporters and we can’t thank you all enough, you know who you are!

There was a wonderful atmosphere and best of all, 8 of our needy cats were promised homes!


Thank you all so much from all of the staff at the Sanctuary and from all of the cats.

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