The main sanctuary comprises a securely wired enclosure about 50m x 20m, within which is the main Sanctuary dormitory building which we call “The Big House”. There are 36 individual pens, six in a part of The Big House  designed for cats on special diets, 8 in the old Feral House and 22 in free standing ranges, within the Sanctuary enclosures. Each has an individual UPVC chalet and heated bed, with multi-coloured blankets hand-knitted by our supporters.

New arrivals go first into one of these pens whilst they settle down and we get to know their characters, likes and dislikes. They are seen by one of the vets from Burnham House Vets in Dover, who visit once a week, and carry out the blood tests for the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and Leukemia.  Worms, fleas, dirty ears and bad teeth all have to be dealt with!


We never refuse to accept a cat because of its age, and we never have a cat put to sleep unless our vet advises that it has no reasonable quality of life left. Within the Sanctuary there is a separate sick bay building, refurbished with six brand new stainless steel cabins, where we can treat minor ailments and segregate any cat that has a sneeze or is off colour.

**While we do our best to take in cats for re-homing, we only have a limited amount of space available. Therefore, we have a waiting list in place and anyone wishing to give up their cat/cats to us, must first go on this list and will be prioritised by date of entry in fairness to all our customers.**