Special Appeal for Thomas ****Re homed****

Poor Thomas has had quite a run of bad luck since he came into the sanctuary in Oct 2013. He has had problems with his ears and eyes and now he looks a bit battered but he’s still a big handsome boy to us.
He has just been released from a few months in the sick bay with most of that time wearing a buster collar. He has gone through surgery three times and we’ve had to administer eye drops three times a day but he has been such a good patient and always stayed a lovely friendly boy. We are sure that he is over the worst and hopefully he can live out the rest of his days with no more problems. He is only six years old and likes other cats.
When he is loose in the sanctuary he is not very approachable but when you get him one to one he is very affectionate and laps up the attention. We feel that he deserves a chance of a loving new home with somebody who can give him the attention he deserves. Possibly to go with another cat but not dogs or children as he can be a little nervous.

***************Thomas was re homed on Tues 28th February*************************

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