The Kittery

DSCF5528The Kittery building is specifically designed and equipped for housing pregnant mums, mums still suckling their kittens and kittens which come to us already weaned. It was our millennium project, paid for from bequests, many from friends of our late founder Veronica Huthwaite. It was dedicated by our Patron,  the late TV Actress Liz Smith, star of

“The Vicar Of Dibley” and “The Royle Family”.

Many of our kittens have poor starts, born in sheds or outbuildings, from mums who may be little more than kittens themselves, but whose owners have not had them spayed when they should have done, and have abandoned them. Our staff take a lot of time to bring our kittens on so that they are healthy and well reared, and naturally are very fussy about who has them!


Anyone who has taken a kitten must undertake to have it spayed/neutered and also fully vaccinated against feline enteritis,cat flu & leukaemia. We check that this has been done. To set a kitten up with all it needs for a long, healthy life you need to be willing to spend £250+. We do expect an appropriate donation from people who take kittens to reflect the love and care staff have invested in them.

Please note that there is a minimum charge of £50 per kitten.